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HR Analyzer™

Tackle three HR security headaches with one solution

The HR Analyzer™ module helps SAP® HCM users address three of their most challenging HR security issues. It provides monitoring and protection of sensitive HR data; a secure “one-step” process for updating files; and a built-in data scrambling routine to protect information used outside of production systems. The result: better management of employee changes and faster time to value for personnel changes.


Controlled access to sensitive data. The module’s SAP HCM data usage analysis function monitors and reports on all info types and screen views of everyone accessing HR data—helping prevent unauthorized viewing of sensitive information. HR executives are immediately notified, so corrective actions can be taken and security loopholes can be closed.

One-step updates to changes. Gain secure, automated one-step updates to HR information. The module synchronizes HR events such as hires, job changes, rate increases and terminations with SAP user provisioning processes—for more accurate employee data and faster time to value for personnel changes.

Data protection. By automatically scrambling all sensitive HR data in SAP before it’s used for other functions (like system testing), the module ensures that HR data security can’t be compromised when that data is used outside the production system.


Safeguard HR data. Extend and complement your SAP HCM investment by monitoring and protecting HR information usage. Get accurate one-step updates, and scramble and protect HR data downloaded for test and backup purposes.

Improve HR change management. Keep track of user IDs and passwords pertaining to new hires, job changes, rate increases, promotions and terminations. Easily identify when changes need to occur.

Prevent human compromises to HR data. Enjoy totally automated data scrambling, which can’t be compromised by over-eager IT professionals.

White Papers

Justify the costs, and the value, of a compliance automation solution

The right compliance automation solutions save time and resources both within IT and corporate-wide. Forest City is one company that did their homework, then took three basic steps when investing in IT automation: They 1) calculated the cost of the status quo, 2) estimated lost opportunity costs, and 3) projected cost savings. Here is how it paid off for them…and can for you...


Ensure HR data security when access is expected

As younger workers expect access to data, personal and otherwise, securing sensitive HR information is as much about protecting against curiosity as about preventing intrusions. Here are new strategies to address cultural factors and the many new online access options—including a new approach to augment and extend SAP® HCM capabilities to secure and prevent inappropriate access to HR information...

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Access Controls Illustration


Managing Access Controls to Achieve Continuous Audit Readiness

Intelligent management of access controls throughout an organization is a requirement of many external auditors. Having ineffective and often manual access controls in place results in system vulnerability and audit errors. In addition, lack of oversight can lead to loss of confidential information, data integrity and ability to maintaining proper authority of data. Better understand the process of how to:

  • Establish steady state management of user access
  • Identify key risks and the steps to remediate issues
  • Define audit and compliance best practices to achieve continuous audit readiness

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