Built For GRC Professionals.
By GRC Professionals.

Four distinct Solution Suites, developed, implemented,
and supported by SAP experts and auditors.

The ControlPanelGRC® platform automates key compliance management and audit-relevant tasks for your enterprise via four governance, risk and compliance (GRC) Solution Suites, including Access Control, Basis Control, Security Acceleration, and Process Control.

Developed, implemented and supported by SAP® GRC software experts, each Suite includes modules that work hand in hand to streamline the effort to complete tasks and simplify your entire SAP ecosystem—saving time, effort and costs. Best of all, ControlPanelGRC®’s rapid implementation and easy-to-use format mean you’ll be Always Audit Ready™ in mere days.

Already have an SAP GRC solution? Here's how to enhance it.

Access Controls Suite

  • Risk Analyzer
  • Usage Analyzer
  • Emergency Access Manager
  • User & Role Manager
  • Access Certification Manager
  • AutoAuditor
  • HR Analyzer

Process Controls Suite

  • Procure to Pay
  • Order to Cash
  • AutoAuditor
  • Enterprise Risk Management

Security Acceleration Suite

  • User & Role Change Analyzer
  • License Optimizer
  • Security Troubleshooter
  • Security Quality Assurance
  • Password Manager

Basis Controls Suite

  • Transport Manager
  • Batch Manager
  • Alerting, Monitoring, &
Access Control Suite

Control who accesses SAP software and when, and manage segregation of duties (SOD) compliance. The Access Control Suite provides intelligent management of SAP® user access, so you can quickly and easily:

  • Assess potential compliance failures
  • Remediate SOD conflicts
  • Help prevent excessive access
  • Achieve continuous compliance reporting

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Process Control Suite

Remediate issues with key SAP® business processes in real time, and reduce the time and effort you spend preparing for audits. The Process Control Suite enables you to:

  • Track SAP-based procure to pay transactions
  • Identify exceptions to business rules
  • Continuously monitor controls in your SAP order to cash process
  • Automate execution, delivery and validation tracking of SAP audit reports

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Security Acceleration Controls Suite

Automate routine SAP® security processing. A suite of robust productivity tools for SAP security administrators, the Security Acceleration Suite gives you information to recreate, troubleshoot and fix security issues such as:

  • Security testing
  • Password resets and synchronization
  • User and SAP role version management

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Basis Controls Suite

Prevent SAP® technical issues from falling through the cracks. With Basis Controls Suite, you gain intelligent management of your SAP® technical operations. It enables you to:

  • Automate SAP change requests
  • Manage batch jobs more effectively
  • Streamline SLA reporting
  • Eliminate repetitive daily tasks

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