Troubleshoot and fix security issues

The Security Acceleration Suite automates routine SAP® security processing


Security Acceleration Suite - Robust Productivity Tools for SAP Security Administrators

Developed specifically for SAP security administrators, the ControlPanelGRC® Security Acceleration Suite provides mission-critical information to recreate and troubleshoot your security issues, such as security testing, password resets and synchronization, and user and SAP role version management.

Fully document the reasons changes are made on users. Compare current and previous versions, revert to older versions, and make mass changes to roles and user assignments.

Turn your next SAP license audit into an opportunity to improve SAP license management; draw on live usage statistics to provide data at the user, user group, license and transaction levels.

Use advanced data capture and diagnostic tools to quickly resolve user access issues and reduce the time and effort SAP administrators spend on resolving day-to-day issues.

Streamline and improve management of the SAP security testing process; manage user IDs and roles en masse for effortless rollouts.

Tame the tedium of SAP password resets; replace “Password Day” with automatic resets of user passwords in all SAP systems from a single convenient transaction.